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Trade Show Marketing Consultancy, Training & Guidance in Monaco

Luxury Business Connections (LBC) counts on a significant gallery of high-value contacts, powerful trade show marketing skills, and exceptional talent to help small and medium scale businesses unlock rapid business growth and build a well-positioned brand at an outstanding speed. LBC ensures that your investment in a Trade Show results in extremely positive ROI and ROOs by providing you with expertise, resources, talent, and everything else you require to deliver a successful event, boost your revenues, and increase brand visibility.

LBC ensures client success by providing comprehensive training programs: « The Winning E.V.E.N.T. », « The Savvy C.L.I.E.N.T. » & “C.O.N.N.E.C.T. for Success” as well as hands-on exploratory visits and trade show marketing consultancy.

Training programs

For Event Organisers, Exhibitors & Visitors to stand out. Why do you want to blend IN when you were born to stand OUT.

During LBC training programs, I share my expertise and knowledge with my clients online or face to face, individually or in groups through workshops developed with the help of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and marketing experts. I am also the author of: Seconds To Attract! on sale on Amazon. If you want to exhibit successfully, this book is your first step. If you are a professional who wants to learn more about how to integrate trade shows into your marketing strategy mix, my training programs are definitely A MUST.

Trade Show Exploratory Visits

For Visitors & Exhibitors wanting to Serve Exhibitors & others Attendees.

Our trade show exploratory visits are perfectly tailored for professionals who want to get a better picture of a specific event’s prospects and partners, understand the industry’s trends, assess the competition and the possibility of returning as an exhibitor themselves. LBC organises exploratory visits for you and your representatives in Monaco. We plan your visit in minute details. During your stay, we will take care of your trade show registration, entry to VIP lounges, invitations to specific Galas or Inaugural Evenings, organise meeting rooms, and will give you access to our partner hotels. Attending a trade show as a visitor is a strategic way to evaluate how your business could benefit from such an event, to connect with key individuals in the industry, and to have a better understanding on how to prepare your future exhibition.

Trade Show Marketing Consultancy

For Exhibitors & Visitors with specific needs and wanting a High ROI.

Trade Show Consultancy is available for SMEs and entrepreneurs who decide to leverage professional events to scale up their businesses. LBC helps you prepare your presence during a Trade Show from the start to the finish line by assessing your present situation, helping in trade show selection, advising on logistics, budgeting, marketing, booth design, team training, event execution, follow up, on-going communication and more. LBC will help you optimize your presence at a Trade Show so that you can see results in your brand visibility and revenues

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