The world’s largest B2C exhibition
for upscale international real estate

Organized in partnership with the government of the Principality of Monaco, The Monaco International Luxury Property Expo (MILP) is the world’s largest B2C exhibition for upscale international real estate. Upmarket property developers and real estate agents from 80 countries exhibit every year to showcase properties located in all areas attractive to investors. Some of these areas include Great Britain, France, The Maldives, Thailand, The Caribbean, Hawaii and Egypt among others. These properties are valued from €500,000 to €50 million.

countries exhibiting
€ billion
sqm total exhibition area
milp 2020

Who should attend?

Key Industry Professionals wishing to discover or showcase exceptional products.

Individual high-end residential and commercial buyers, top real estate agents, over 1000 investors from across the globe representing a combined net worth of €15 billion to €20 billion, and more than 200 leading developers from 80 countries attend the expo to find unique investment opportunities from a selection of over 1000 properties. The total exhibition area of 12,000 sqm, 5 floors and 9 levels features luxury residential real estate (urban and resort properties), commercial real estate (hospitality, office, and retail properties), and income-generating real estate (rental, investment properties). With exhibitors from all around the world, including Augur Invest from Switzerland, Barratt Homes from the UK, Arcasa Group from Italy, and Versace Home among others, MILP is a great destination for real estate professionals and investors who are willing to invest in high end real estate around the globe.

Why attend?

Trade Shows are a very powerful marketing and sale medium. They bring together thousands of international buyers and sellers in one place in a short space of time. There are many ways and sources to look for products and suppliers, but nothing can beat the benefits that the trade shows have to offer. They do not just gather together all the significant players from the industry but enable visitors to see large numbers of products at the same time, to evaluate and compare them, to attend demonstrations and to ask detailed questions. Trade Shows provide visitors with a comprehensive overview of the entire market and industry. By taking advantage of the benefits the trade Shows have to offer, you can increase your business in one go!

  • Gain an overview of the market and industry as they bring together the whole industry worldwide

  • Network – trade Shows provide a unique venue for people with common interests to connect personally with one another

  • Find new markets and opportunities

  • Follow latest trends and innovations

  • Get new ideas for your business
    qualified international buyers.

  • Compare and discuss specific issues, features, prices and conditions

  • Evaluate your competitors

  • Learn through conferences, networking events, workshops, seminars and panel discussions

  • Gather suggestions regarding your own business e.g. product and design

  • Evaluate the benefits of possible participation as exhibitor

Our Trade Show Guided/Exploratory Visits

Our Trade Show Guided/Exploratory Visits are a perfectly tailored for real estate developers and real estate agents who want to get a better picture of their potential buyers and partners, from an important group of powerful and influential leaders listed among the 100 from 15 countries; owners of major banks, hotel chains, industrial and other companies from 15 countries; Senior Executives from global industries featured in the Fortune 500; investors and CEOs of the ground-breaking IT start-ups; and Investors from throughout the European Union. In addition, participating as a visitor will help you understand the industry trends, assess the competition and assess the possibility of returning to MILP as an exhibitor themselves.

Guided/Exploratory visits
During the guidance phase, LBC organizes a 3-day tester visit for you and your representatives in Monaco and we plan your attendance to MILP in minute details.
ROI templates
We will provide you with a complete List of ROI templates so that you can prepare for your next successful Trade Show.
3-day professional pass
Your stay will include a 3-day professional pass
Trade Show’s visit Registration
We will take care of details such as trade show registration and badges collection.
Conferences & Workshops
You will have the possibility to attend conferences and workshops of your choice.
LBC will introduce you to the Savvy C.L.I.E.N.T program showing you the dos and don’ts of Trade Shows visits with specific check lists to gain the most out of your attendance.

Attending the trade show as a visitor is a strategic way to evaluate how your business could benefit from such an event, to connect with key individuals in the real estate industry, and to have a better understanding on how to prepare your future exhibition.

Ticket Price: on application

The ticket includes:

  • Exhibition Pass to the event.
  • Collection of passes
  • Access to our list of partner hotels all within walking distance to the forum.
  • An invitation to the inaugural networking cocktail if applicable
  • Access to the online appointment system
  • Access to workshops and demonstration at the Trade Show
  • Guidance: LBC will introduce you to The Savvy C.L.I.E.N.T. program showing you the dos and don’ts of Trade Shows visits with specific Check-lists
  • A List of ROI templates enabling you to prepare for your next successful Trade Show.


Why Exhibit?

This professional congress, the first of its kind, will be the opportunity for you to:

  • Promote your company and products while highlighting your innovations

  • Meet new customers, widen your network

  • Strengthen your relationships with your partners and key opinion leaders

  • Develop opportunities to increase your business into new markets

  • Take advantage of a favorable location, suitable for discussions and relations with
    qualified international buyers.

  •  Capture more sales leads than you ever thought possible. qualified international buyers.

milp 2020

Our Trade Show POST visit Consulting for future exhibitors

Post visit, LBC would be very happy to help you assess an exhibition potentials for your goals. LBC will advise you as to how to organise your Show Logistics from the start to the finish line. As a potential MILP exhibitor, LBC will help you see first-hand the difference that your presence at the show could make to your brand visibility and revenues.

Getting in touch with the trade show organizers to making sure that everything has been shipped back on the last day.
Training Your Team
Selling on the Trade Show Floor is a Unique Environment. 80% of what attendees will remember about your company will be based on a 7 to 10 minutes encounter with one of your exhibit staff.
You have 3 seconds to attract attendees’ attention. Within these 3 seconds you have to let them know:
– Who you are
– What you do
– How you can help them
Selecting the right Trade Show for your GOALS is the essential first step towards a Successful Trade Show.
The last one is converting your Leads into Clients.