Case Study 1

PWN AG on International Women’s Day for 110 persons.

Event Brief

To Combine an event very often regarded as tedious into a memorable evening during a special dedicated day. To engage Professional Women into a luxurious, interesting and social event all in one.

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The Result

LBC sourced a unique venue: The World Famous “Negresco Hotel” in Nice and designed the event around 3 moments: The AG for members only, the celebration of International Women’s Day on the theme of “Inspirational Women” and a sumptuous cocktail buffet in one of the most luxurious salons of this Hotel.
Each part brought its own challenge. The room for the AG had to be organised and fitted with all necessary technical requirements to enable the board to expose the figures but also count votes for each mention.

The Celebration of International Women’s day, involved defining a theme, selecting speakers and facilitators, integrating non members to the event and engaging the full audience.

The luxurious cocktail buffet served in one of the most amazing Salon had to cater for all dietary requirements including Vegan, enable easy networking and be a memorable finale for the all event. A timeless evening spent in the historical private Salon Louis XV.
The whole event was a success, LBC executed a 3-parts event ensuring a seamless delivery for all members and guests.

international speakers
Michelin starred Restaurant
3 parts event
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